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Keepsake Pendant Custom

Keepsake Pendant Custom

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Have a special keepsake component you would like made into a necklace pendant? Allow me to preserve it so you can wear it close to you. I have worked with breastmilk previously and am open to working with ashes, hair/fur or dried flowers.

*Breastmilk pendants are a beautiful way to remember the time you shared with your baby when they were first born. Many mothers struggle with breastfeeding and give/do anything they can to nourish their babe. These times can be emotional and trying, happy and sad. These keepsake pendants remind you of your connection, dedication and strength as a new parent. 

The breastmilk will need to be turned into powder for me to work with it. You can find kits online to do this. Once you have your powdered breast milk, you can mail it to me or if you're local to the Kitchener Waterloo region we can arrange drop off. *

Fortunately, I do not need a lot of material to work with as the pendants are small. Please do keep in mind though that the pendant may not turn out exactly as you wish. I can only work within my style and experience and I appreciate your understanding if it doesn't meet your exact vision. 

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