Witchy Outfit of the Day! September 6th

Witchy Outfit of the Day! September 6th

Witchy #OOTD - Inspired by the Justice tarot card

I’ve always loved the idea of working witchcraft into my wardrobe somehow. For a while I was following @lauriecabots daily outfit inspos which I love! Now I’ve decided to try doing outfits inspired by tarot cards that I pull. It’s a fun way to get to know the cards even better and dive a bit deeper into the imagery and correspondences. 

This outfit of the day is inspired by the tarot card Justice! Scroll down for outfit details!


Justice, karma, balance, truth, fairness.

I found a resource talking about colours in correspondence to the major arcana here:

It lists Justice as green so I’ve included this green tie and a few other green accents. In the card imagery there is a purple veil draped behind the figure which represents compassion so I’m wearing this purple plaid dress. The figure in the card wears a crown representing well ordered thoughts so I’ve created a little “crown” with green & purple butterfly clips in my hair. 

I wore an even amount of jewelry on each hand and in my ears to represent the balance of the scales she holds (and also because I don’t have scales hahaha). For shoes I chose these black platforms with my “queer witch” tags and I chose to wear white socks because in the rider-waite version of the justice card, a white shoe pops out from her robe to represent the spiritual consequences of your actions. She also holds a sword in the card (which represents the logical, well-ordered mindset necessary to dispense fair justice) so I have one of my altar athames clipped to my belt.

So there you have it! That’s my first tarot card inspired outfit of the day. :) I had so much fun with this and while some may think it doesn’t look particularly “good”, I really enjoy it because it means something to me. Also, I stopped caring what others think about what I’m wearing a long time ago LOL.

What would you wear? Let me know below

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