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Simple Full Moon Ritual

Simple Full Moon Ritual

I know that in the beginning of my journey with witchcraft and spirituality, I often overcomplicated rituals and spells. The more you practice, you’ll find your own ways of doing things and your craft may become very complex, but all you really need is yourself to make magick happen! Obviously it also helps to have a few simple tools as well but at the end of the day it is my belief that you don’t really need anything other than your own power and intuition to create magick and manifest what you need/want. 

If you are also someone that feels overwhelmed by complicated ritual ingredients and tools, or maybe you’re like me and you are chronically ill and don’t have the energy to do something big, here is a sample of a full moon ritual you can do that requires little time, energy or supplies.

Release, Cleanse, Protect:

I will let you begin your ritual however you would like, whether you like to call upon the elements, your deities or guides, cast a circle, etc. Or you can simply set the tone for the ritual in a way that gets you in the right mood. For me, I like to light candles and incense, ask my guides and my deity for protection and help, and if I have the energy I might dress up in themed clothes and makeup. Sometimes I also strategically place crystals around the room but in general I just follow my intuition to find what feels right each time. For you, it could be as simple as lighting one candle or asking the Universe for guidance.



-a white candle


-cup or bowl

I am trying to keep this super easy and accessible so use whatever salt you have around the house, tap water is fine, and I chose a white candle because they are usually the easiest and cheapest to get. You can even just use a tealight! Personally I will be using the Abundance candle by the lovely @moonlakecandleco as I will be doing some extra ritual work aside from the one detailed below, but it is also white so it works here too. :)

Instructions (feel free to follow these loosely or do your own thing!):

-Take a deep breath & light your candle

-Continue to breathe deeply and allow your mind to become clear and focused

-Say these words or make up your own “On this full harvest moon, I release anything that no longer serves me. I release anything or anyone blocking me from my path and my connection to the divine energies. Today, I start fresh unburdened by guilt, shame, hurt and any past traumas that may continue to hold me. Nothing will stop me from manifesting my needs and desires. And so it is.”

-If you like to use incense or smoke cleansing sticks, feel free to now cleanse your tools and yourself. If not, you can simply draw upon the energy of the full moon.

-Mix together the salt and water in your cup or bowl. Measure with your heart and intuition!

-Continuously dip your fingers in the salt water and lightly splash it around you in a circle three times. While doing so, say these words or make up your own “I cleanse my space and banish any negative energies that may be clinging to me, my home or my belongings. I am cleansed, I am cleansed, I am cleansed.”

-Now, you can simply sit with your candle and while staring into the flame, ask your guides, deities, the Universe, God, angels, your ancestor or whoever/whatever you want to protect you. You can think of this like a prayer, a meditation or a letter to a loved one, whatever suits your fancy. :)

-Say thank you & allow the candle to burn down (or you can put it out if you are unable to stay near it).

You can add or take away anything you want here! Make it your own! :) I also usually like to follow my rituals up with a tarot/oracle reading to commune with my guides. I also like to give offerings on my altar or in special offering places outside. It’s all up to you really! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Full Harvest Moon in a couple days! Let me know if you give this ritual a try or tell me what you did instead! :)

Blessed Be my friends!

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