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Lughnasadh/Lammas - The Sabbats

🌾Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, is a pagan sabbat celebrated August 1st/2nd. It is a time to celebrate the first harvest, a time to gather and give thanks for the abundance we receive from the earth and if you work with deities, from the Sun King god Lugh.

The word Lammas comes from “loaf-mass” and reminds us how honoured and important the first grain is in the harvesting cycle. In modern times, we may find ourselves unappreciative of the struggles our ancestors went through to provide a simple loaf of bread for their family. 
Taking care of the crops was a matter of life and death, and by celebrating Lammas today, we acknowledge the privilege some of us hold in not worrying where our next meal might come from. 


The bounty of our beautiful planet Earth is something to admire and show gratitude for. There are so many ways to celebrate Lughnasadh and I encourage you to find the ways you like to celebrate best! Create your own traditions whether you’re a solitary practitioner, celebrating with a coven or your family. :)


Stay tuned for posts this week telling you more about this sabbat (one of my faves) and the ways you can celebrate!🥰

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